Lynx Maryck

Elven Fighter/ Athyna's Follower



Hit Points: 53

19 STR ~ 16 DEX ~ 10 CON ~ 9 INT ~ 12 WIS ~ 9 CHR

DOB: May 8

AGE: 119

Religion: Solonor Thelandira

Lynx is a sylvan elf from the Moonshae Isles. He was directed to Athyna from a friend of hers that she made there when she and her party were helping to rid the Isles of two high elf men that had a secret gate to Evermeet and who were running slaves through the Isles. Not to mention doing something else completely not elf like, they were destroying the surrounding forest. These elves were truly evil for they were also the very two who had raped and killed Athyna’s mother more than 100 years ago. Lynx unlike his ranger brethren was more attuned to the art of battle. Which is why he was sent to Athyna. He is not attractive but he makes up in skill, what he lacks in appearance. He is proficient with nets and long swords, but specializes in the Short Bow and Bastard Sword. He stands at 5"5 and weighs 100 pounds.


Lynx Maryck

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