Dayaneira Silverleaf

Elven Ranger of Elistraee / Athyna's follower.



Hit points: 63

18/15 STR ~ 16 DEX ~ 15 CON ~ 12 INT ~ 15 WIS ~ 9 CHR

DOB: Mar 18

AGE: 115

Religion: Elistraee

Dayaneira is an average looking gold elf, with Violet hair and Gray eyes. Her goal is to assist the benevolent drow freely make their way in the realms. She feels that those who want to live happy, loving, and joyous lives have the right to do so. She was attracted to Athyna when she heard the story of another gold elf who traveled with a drow,on top of that she was a noble. The news of this prompted Dayaneira to travel to StormWynd from Waterdeep to join Athyna in her quests.


Dayaneira Silverleaf

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