Athyna's general of the archers at StormWynd Keep


DOB: Oct 27

AGE: 23

Malachi is a handsome human male archer with long flowing dark hair and seductive brown eyes.

Malachi was deemed a traitor by Athyna and is no longer tied to her. He remains with Lady Sandra (Duncan) Redthorne and Stormwynd Keep.


Malachi was raised a farmer in the city long before we took over the keep. He was amongst the people who signed up when we started recruiting for warriors to train to help defend the town. Athyna personally trained the first group interested in becoming archers. During this period Malachi stood out amongst those who were the most promising. Since Athyna and the rest of the party had to return to their adventures Athyna gave Malachi the title that he earned. He was to be her general. He has proven himself to her time again and has shown more promise than she ever would’ve thought a human could with a bow.


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