Lord Trystyn Krystylis

Trystyn is a pampered noble who assists in making weapons that are sold at Storm Wynd. He is noblility to both Evermeet and Krystlidor


DOB: Dec 10

AGE: 240

Third born brother of Athyna and the most laid back of the family. He is the easiest to talk to and the most understanding. He pitches in and helps Elwyn with the family duties, but only when he has to. He has been assisting in the newest part of the family business of crafting weapons. Otherwise he is satisfied with simply being a pampered elven noble. He spends most of his time wooing the ladies of the court and if he ever settles down will probably be the one amongst us to marry into a higher ranking family, he can charm most any female without even trying. He however would be the one who knows the most about me since I have always been able to be open with him. He is un-shockable and usually listens to my tragedies and triumphs with an open mind. He tends to offer good advice when asked and is normally able to help you figure out answers to whatever troubles you. He takes most of life with a grain of salt. The only time he has ever been known to get upset is when he found our mother dead. Our mothers vicious murder deeply effected Trystyn. Ever since he found her body slain he has no tolerance for the sight of blood, to the point he even became a complete vegetarian. Trystyn is also good friends with Ryan. It is he Ryan had been coming to see when he came upon Athyna in the garden on the day they would claim to have fallen in love at first.


Lord Trystyn Krystylis

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