Lord Oleyn Krystylis

This is Athyna's Youngest brother he is a High Priest-Ranger of Solonor Thelandira, Noble of Evermeet and Krystlidor, Head of the Krystlidor Rangers.


DOB: Feb 14

AGE: 130

He is the youngest of my brothers and has also chosen a somewhat different path though not quite as different as Schwyn. He is the priest of the family following and passing the word of Solonor Thelandira god of Archery and the religion of our family. He is closest with Elwyn and Baskyn. He is a bit more judgmental than Trystyn is and way more aloof. He also is an easy one to talk to and whose attitude is the most like Athyna’s. Since we were both really young when our mother was killed our up bringing was different than that of our elder siblings. We are not your typical gold elves. Which is probably why both of us would be more likely hanging around a group of moon or sylvan elves rather than out own gold brethren. We have more in common with them. We do however still have the arrogant high elf spirit where we know that we are the chosen regardless of our actions. We also know deep that we are the natural born defenders of the elven race. Which is likely why Oleyn now dedicates his life to the priesthood and is always ready to raise his bow to defend the forests and wildlife in the name of Evermeet and our god.


Lord Oleyn Krystylis

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