Lord Schwyn Krystylis

Noble of Evermeet and Krystlidor / Schwyn is a skilled bladesinger he is the 4th born in the Krystylis line.


DOB: Dec. 29

AGE: 190

Fourth born and the most different from all of us. He is rarely spends time at our home in Evermeet at all. He is the only one of us to bond with the sword and also the only who has taken on the talent of magic that comes from our mothers side. Our grandparents on that side of the family arranged for Schwyn to study at the towers of the Sun and Moon upon noticing this magical skill. Schwyn has went onto become a blade singer and is mostly off adventuring. He like myself and our father, is very protective over those he loves. He cares and loves on a very deep level which is probably why like us he became the adventuring sort. There is too much passion in us adventurers to be content with staying home and wasting away when there are things to be done with our talents.


Lord Schwyn Krystylis

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