Lord Baskyn Krystylis

Noble of Evermeet and Krystlidor / Athyna's jealous brother - he is also an archer.


DOB: July 19

AGE: 247

Second born of the Krystylis children. He is the best archer out of my brothers. He was my fathers champion up until the time my father saw me with a bow. My skill was so great I could best all of my brothers in no time and with little effort. Athyna has her fathers natural born talent and Baskyn is severely jealous of that. He feels that my duty as a female is to attend etiquette classes and to marry well. We were close prior to my picking up the bow. It sometimes pains Athyna that he feels such contempt towards her when she is doing nothing more than following the destiny that was laid before her.


Lord Baskyn Krystylis

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