Lord Elwyn Krystylis

Noble elven diplomat to Evermeet/Noble of Krystlidor - Athyna's oldest brother


DOB: Oct 18

AGE: 250

As the oldest he is head of the household when father is away or unable. He was forced into the role when suddenly our mother Lady Elyna was killed, during a period when Maelgwyn was mentally and emotionally unable to handle his duties. Elwyn stepped into the role as both brother/parent to the rest of us. He also quite naturally stepped into the role of diplomat. He worked by my fathers side during court issues since he was old enough and has now taken over the role completely. Elwyn is much loved and respected by the elves of Evermeet. He is a born leader and has honored our family by earning a seat on the Council of Elders. He is a decent archer and fighter as is now known as the Krystylis way, but he works towards his goal of one day being the royal families high counselor. His true heart belongs not to the bow, but to the matters of governance. Elwyn’s art of diplomacy was a joy to our father whose heart does belong to the bow was more than happy to turn the job over to Elwyn so that he could give his full concentration to leading and training the militia.


Lord Elwyn Krystylis

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