Lord Maelgwyn Krystylis

Elven noble archer of Evermeet / Athyna's father The Greatest Archer in all the Realms! Also noble of Krystlidor


DOB: May 3

AGE: 461

Maelgwyn is the best archer in all the Realms. His parents were bakers in town. Maelgwyn knowing he was destined to be more followed the deity Solonor Thelandira (whose wolf companion led him to his destiny) deep into the woods where he met a band of Sylvan elves who taught him the art of Archery. Years later his heroics deeds caught the eye of the noblewoman Elyna shortly after earning his own noble place by being awarded lands by the queen. Elyna and Maelgwyn fell in love and had 6 beautiful children. They were very happy together until the day my father and brother Baskyn were off adventuring. Elwyn was attending to matters of the court, Schwyn had left home to study at the towers of the sun and the moon and Trystyn was off in search of his woman of the day. It was then when me and my younger brother were still very young and napping that my mother was raped and murdered in our home. My brother Trystyn has told me that I saw it all but I was so too young to remember. He was the one that found her. Maelgwyn stricken with the grief of his lost love would have surely perished if not for his love for his children. After he regained most of his sanity, he gave up adventuring and signed on as head of the elven archers in Evermeet. That is where he reigned up until 4 years ago when he was sent on a mission to Greyhawk and has yet to return.


Lord Maelgwyn Krystylis

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