Lord Ryan Gryffindor

Ruler of Krystlidor/Elven fighter and noble of Evermeet, husband of Athyna Krystylis as written by Athyna.



Hit Points: 103

15 STR ~ 19 DEX ~ 16 CON ~ 12 INT ~ 10 WIS ~ 16 CHR

DOB: June 2

AGE: 132

Ryan is a 15th level fighter with skills and talents that would be a surprise to most. He stands 5"1 and weighs 107. This handsome young elf could charm most any woman he put his mind too, but alas is hopelessly in love with me(Athyna). He has a big heart, is very helpful and considerate. He has excellent skills with a bow as well as a master swordsman. He is indeed the very epitome of what an elf should be. He is noble born and has the same noble standing as my family. He is very close friends with my middle brother Trystyn. Along with a signet ring of his family nobility he also wears a ring of transportation. Ryan and I also have rings of invisibility that Ryan purchased as a wedding gift to me. We use them often to spice up the love life if you get my drift. However I have used my ring for more than just invisible sex…ha ha. Ryan also should be seen wearing his wedding ring which I crafted myself as I was learning the skill in Cormanthyr. I also worked with mage as I was crafting the ring and had it enchanted with protection from evil. Just a quick little blessing, that I know he will always have with him. =)


My Love, My Soulmate, My Husband, Lord Ryan Gryffindor. He was Athyna’s first ever love and her first teacher in the art of the bow as well as the art of seduction. Together they stumbled into a young romance. When Athyna’s father worlds greatest archer took over as her mentor, part of the agreement was that she separate from Ryan. Being the young girl she was in seek of her fathers approval she obeyed his wishes. Until years later when things started growing at Storm Wynd Keep Athyna needed help in the training and overseeing of the archers that signed on to serve her. So she called on Ryan’s help. The two have not been separated since and have reunited their young love into a mature adult relationship and are now recently married. The following describes the day adolescent Athyna first laid eyes upon young Ryan. In the words of me personally. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I sat down on a bench in the garden. The flowers were in bloom and in full radiant color. The sky was clear, the air was warm and there was the wonderful smell of spring all around. Here I was so far in concentration, I didn’t even notice. I didn’t get to enjoy the way the soft flower petals blew in the breeze, sending off their rich fragrance. No not me, I am stuck with the duties of a lady. I am to learn cross stitching my nanny says. ‘Ouch’ I cried out as I pricked my finger with the needle for the hundredth time. I looked up and there you were. The most handsome Lord I have ever seen. Surely you have come to visit my brother, why would a man as handsome as thy, look upon a lady such as I. Surely you could have your pick of the woman amongst the court. One with more sophistication and status than I. Yet there you are looking right at me. Determined to prove to you the lady that I am I stubbornly work at the cross stitch again, and again I prick my finger. This time with you there, causing not only anger, but embarrassment. I can’t take it anymore and I threw my unfinished work at the wall as my face turned a bright crimson. You looked at me understanding in your eyes. I knew you wanted to laugh, but you are quite the gentleman and refrained so as not to cause me anymore pain. Instead you walked up to me took my injured finger and pressed your lips to it, in the briefest of kisses. My face glowed all the more red in my innocence, for it was then that I fell in love you.

Lord Ryan Gryffindor

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