Lady Athyna Gryffindor

Ruler of Krystlidor, Elven Archer-Priestess, Noble Elf of Evermeet, Upcoming Champion of Solonor Thelandira and head of the Krystlidor Rangers



Level ~ 13 Archer/10 Priestess

110 hit points

11 STR ~ 18 DEX ~ 17 CON ~ 12 INT ~ 17 WIS ~~ 19 CHA

I am Athyna Krystylis now known as Athyna Gryffindor noble gold elven archer/priestess of Evermeet, ruler of the up and coming city of Krystlidor, daughter of the famous archer Maelgwyn the Great and the mage Elyna Raerdrimne. I am blonde haired, blue eyed at a height of 4 "9 and weigh 90 lbs. My 126th birthday just passed on March 25. I am often seen wearing a sexy leather top that is low cut, form fitting and is tied in the back with spaghetti strings. The bottom is cut high as well and shows off my tightly tone abdomen. I also wear what appears to be a very elaborate version of a loin cloth. The main part is leather and is adorned with jewels, crystals, and beads hanging in the front. Now in this appearance I may seem unprotected and vulnerable, but as always in the forgotten realms things are not always what they appear to be. In actuality I am wearing elven chain of blending so that it takes on the appearance of whatever it is I wear. This armor along with proficiency bonuses and such gives me a final armor class of -5. I am a master in both the long and short bow. When using a bow I carried my infamous acid bow, and can fire at a rate of 4 shots a round. Also when using my bow I have bracers of Archery that add bonuses to my aim and damage. I don’t like to go anywhere without wearing my cloak that is made from green and black silk and has the Krystylis crest emblazon on it and both of my signet rings that allows me the privileges and recognition of the noble that I am in elven communities and most other communities, well the ones I am not “wanted” in anyway. Around my neck I wear a necklace with the symbol of Solonor Thelandira and a special necklace given to me by the great mage Seth Cordovyn so that I can contact him if I am ever in dire need of his assistance. This is to be used in an extreme emergency. On my hands I wear three rings. One already mentioned is my signet ring along with a ring of luck given to me by my father along with my engagement ring that enables me to contact Ryan anytime on the occasion that they we are apart. In my pack I have two other significant items, one is a broach to which I can contact Aiden (a friend of my father’s who resides in Waterdeep) and I know carry a ring of heat resistance from Elminster and a ring of invisibility that was a wedding gift from Ryan. Even with all this I have recently grew restless knowing deep in my heart that I am meant for something else. So I temporarily gave up my bow and have given myself to the ways of a Ranger, so that I may better serve my god. During the ceremony held by myself and the brother of my heart Ashton, Solonor Thelandira appeared before me. This was all the signs I needed to know that this was exactly what I was meant to do. Solonor was everything I thought he would be taking my +1 long sword already engraved with his symbol and blessing it making it a +4 sword that glows blue when evil is near. He also gave me a flower, and a mission that I must keep this flower with me and protect it. I am to present this flower to him when next I see him. The connection between Solonor and I has blossomed even more. I find myself moving more into the priesthood and am now following that path instead of the path of the Ranger. However, I now use my new energy bow. My energy bow was created from my flower and my sword by Solonor Thelandira. There is another skill I have that I failed to mention. I can see greater than even my elven site allows. I can see perfectly in any darkness be it magical or otherwise. I gained this power on the day that I avenged my mother’s murder. I take this as a sign that what I did was right and perhaps my mother seeing this from Arvandor gave a special request to the gods to give me this ability to aid me in my on going battle with Lolth. I am surely on Lolth’s most wanted list and it is not in my best interest to be helpless in darkness when it comes to battling her minions. Athyna however does not hold the hatred of her race for that of the drow. She admires them as formidable foe and due to her close friendship with Ashton she never judges a drow on site and will offer aid if she can to any of them who break free of their upbringing and come to the “good side”. Drow despite their reputation are still elven and should not be ridiculed if they are truly of a benevolent nature. Athyna also has her eye on Dagger dale. This is a land who took the brunt of the attacks in the chaos war. What better place for her to claim lands and build an elven city of her own. She will devote this area to the gods of the Seldarine (including Elistraee). There is nothing worse in Athyna’s eyes than a elf who follows the human gods. With exception of the drow of course. If the drow follow any benevolent deity at all than they are to admired for that alone. Athyna like most elves cherishes her heritage. An elf who follows a human deity is turning his back on the very creators of their race and therefore in her eyes has turned his back on all elves. She will not be unkind to them, but she will never respect them.

Athyna was the last born of Maelgwyn world renowned archer and Elyna his beautiful wife. Maelgwyn was off with an adventuring party, only to return home and find that his wife was dead.Maelgwyn learned that somehow one of his many enemies had snuck into the town raped, and murdered his wife while his infant daughter (Athyna) was there in her crib. Maelgwyn went on a single handed mission to hunt down and kill the one that murdered his lady love. He was never able to avenge her. The one who did it, kept himself well hidden and Maelgwyn never managed find out his name. He eventually moved on as most people do who have lost loved ones. Although he would have died of a broken heart if not for his love and devotion to his children. He trained his sons to be the best men that they could be and worked extra hard to keep Athyna safe. As Athyna grew she became the mirror image of her mother. Growing up Athyna was constantly coddled and spoiled by her father and brothers. She was sent to stay with the nurse maid who tried her best to teach her to become a lady. Meanwhile she was envious of the all the attention that her father showed her brothers and how proud he seemed of them. While he doted on her, it wasn’t with the admiration he showed her brothers. She loved her brothers each and every one of them and is closest with Trystyn and Oleyn, but often wondered what it would be like for her dad to look at her with that kind of honor. Just after reaching puberty, she had learned how to use her womanly talents with men, (to a degree, since she still had not found one worthy of bedding her) until she met a young fighter by the name of Ryan Gryffindor. He was a noble who became smitten by her and together they learned the “ways” of men and women. During the course of their relationship she convinced him to teach her how to shoot a bow. He made her, her first bow a short bow that he engraved to say My Warrior Angel in elven. That was the nickname he gave to her. He said she had the heart of a warrior with the face of an angel. He always told her that she would one day be a hero of the realms. She has still has that bow to this day and cherishes it as much as she does her friendship with Ryan. He taught her how to craft a bow, string a bow, and how to make arrows. He taught her how to shoot as well. Her natural talent quickly took over and she was able to best him at least half the time in less years than it took him to learn the bow. She continued to practice her bow on her own. She didn’t want to disappoint her father so she did her duty and learned her lady skills by day from her nurse maid, but would sneak out at night to practice with the bow Ryan had made her. She loved the bow, the feel of it, the power of it, somehow even though her father wasn’t there it made her feel closer to him to Learn his craft. She may have her mother’s face but she definitely had her fathers passion. One night she while she was practicing she lost track of time. Maelgwyn scared for her, assured that she had met the same fate as her mother, went in searched of her. He came onto the archery field and despite his fear and anger stood quietly for a moment when he saw her. He watched as she shot her bow and as he watched his anger quickly dissipated. He could see her talent right off. His heart swelled with pride as he wondered why she never shared this side of herself with him. This daughter of his sure was a mystery. Athyna heard someone behind her and upon turning around, turned beat red with embarrassment as she watched her father approach. “I’m sorry father, I must have worried you I lost track of time.” “You’ll know better next time. What is this you have here?” Athyna handed the bow to her father as she looked at the ground, she didn’t wish to see the look on his face as he spoke of what she was doing. “Why do you look embarrassed girl?” “I’m sorry I am not the daughter you want, I am not the lady you wish me to be. I love you father and would do anything you ask of me, but I pray you don’t ask me to give this up. It is a part of me and I love it.” “What made you want to do this?” “I wanted to feel closer to you, I thought if I learned your trade I could kind of be closer to you by understanding what it is you do.” “And do you feel closer to me?” “Yes, but more than that I understand why you love it so much. I love it too, I’d sooner cut off my own arm then to never be allowed to shoot a bow again.” “Very well, but no more sneaking around and worrying me sick. From now on I will train you. In order to learn from me though, you must give me your all. That means no more romances, all your time will be here training.” It was then that Athyna looked up and into her father’s eyes and saw what she had always longed for. His pride. Once she caught that gleam in his eye she became determined to be the best archer ever, even if it meant she had to give up her relationship with Ryan. She would one day be a hero, bring admiration to her name, and earn every bit of her fathers pride and more. She trained along with her brothers and could soon best them. Elwyn, and Trystyn were proud of their sister and amazed by her talents. Schwyn didn’t really care he didn’t like archery, so it didn’t matter to him what she could do. He was the only one who had become the blade singer in the family and had shown her what she knew of the long sword even though her talents clearly didn’t lie there, well not yet anyway. Oleyn had become a priest of Solonor Thelandira and took his talent with a bow to a whole other level. Baskyn who had trained with his father since he was old enough to hold a bow became bitterly jealous. He was Maelgwyn’s hero before that, he was suppose to be his champion and here comes his little baby sister who not only started much later but was almost better than him. Suddenly she was the apple of daddy’s eye and he didn’t like it one bit. Maelgwyn clearly recognized that her talent was even more than he had originally anticipated when he started working with her one on one. She and her father bonded during these lessons and were closer than ever. He gave her, her first long bow that they made together. It has since become a tradition that will start with her and hopefully pass on to her children that you make a bow with your students to give them something personal from you to carry on with as Ryan and her dad had done with her. As she went on to do with the Archers that she trained at Storm Wynd as well. She wished she was older so she could have fought along side her father during his adventures, but after giving up the search for her mother’s killer and no longer wanting to be away from his children he retired from adventuring and now works as the leader and trainer of the great Evermeet archers. Maelgwyn has taken to adventuring and has been gone for 5 years traveling with other veteran explorers. Soon Athyna will get her wish to fight at her fathers side. Currently Athyna is fulfilling the destiny Ryan had predicted, she is becoming a hero in the Realms. She runs with an adventuring party known as the Storm Wynd Riders. She has traveled with them for the past 7 years now. They stood by her side and helped her to avenge her mother when she had been able to locate the feigns that murdered her. Athyna has very recently earned her holy weapon a bow crafted by Solonor Thelandira himself as she works hard being his champion. Also she and Ryan have reunited and are married. As long as Ryan is by her side she feels there is nothing she cannot do. He is her strength, her support, her best friend, her love from now and forever more. Even when she had to make the decision to become immortal she wouldn’t agree to do it without him. Athyna couldn’t even imagine an eternity without him.

Lady Athyna Gryffindor

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