StormWynd Keep

The adventure so far...

The adventures of StormWynd

A long forgotten Sembian outpost, StormWynd Keep was of no value to the empire. The family of nobles that had once ruled it, had dwindled to one man.

Lord Aleystaire was the last of his line. He ruled the ruined keep that was barely able to protect the few farmers too poor to move away.

When approached by the Harpers to take in a group of young adventurers, he leapt at the coin it promised.

The adventurers proved to be invaluable in the coming months. They earned his respect and the admiration of the people by protecting the keep and the surrounding lands from goblins, witches and many other threats.

Gaining experience from these trials, the StormWynd adventurers were ready when fortune put them at the head of a great mission. To stop the ressurection of the slain god Bane. Amid the turmoil of a war between the followers of Bane and Cyric, the adventurers fought their way through dungeons and ruins and armies to find and stop the church of Bane from revivving their dark master. Their success, though known to few, brought them to the attention of some of the most powerful forces in Faerun, both Good and Evil.

Returning to StormWynd after a year, the adventurers found that Lord Aleystaire had passed away. Left with no lord the keep was destined for ruin. The adventurers took command of the keep and led the people of the land into a time of prosperity and security.

For years the keep was safe, as the adventurers formed and trained a new militia and a unit of elite archers for its protection. The surrounding lands prospered and drew more citizens.

During this time the adventurers travelled the world, thwarting evil where they found it. Always returning to use the loot they acquired to repair, improve and rebuild the keep. Thus more and more people flocked to the new haven.

Before long, as things go, they were called to fight a great evil wave of Chaos that threatened all of Faerun. Using the ruins of the first attempt to resurrect a dark god, the minions of Chaos tried to build a gateway to allow the Chaos God Khorne to enter the Forgotten Realms and usurp the mantle left by Bane. The adventurers sacrificed much and fought hard to thwart this attempt. Nearly losing some close friends and suffering major injuries they did finally win the day.

After a two year hiatus to rest and recover from the victories and tragedies of thier latest adventure, they expanded StormWynd’s influence to another nearby keep which they named GoldWynd keep.

Taming the lands around this keep is proving to be another adventure altogether. Joined by new friends the party now seeks to secure this new land and find time to complete some of the many personal adventures left undone.

It is here that we join the story…



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